Papyrus 1.1.09

  • 2006/07/28(金) 09:34:33

かなり長い期間を経て「Papyrus 1.1.09」がやってきました。今回の変更・改善内容は結構多いです。日表示の背景を普段のテーマにする機能や、一日イベントの表示がわかり易くなっているところが目立ちます。

* Added ability to make the Daily view themed. To enable go to "Settings->Daily Settings->Background" and choosed "Themed".
* Timelines' hours are now drawn up correctly (both big and small timelines).
* Allday events now appear as a line at the bottom of the timelline bar.
* The Tahoma font is now set as the default font when first installing Papyrus, and is automatically installed on the phone.
* The timeline bar's background color can now be set from the Color Settings.
* Added additional two new color settings for "Allday Event" color and "Default No Category" color which sets the color of an item without a category.
* Added check flags on the monthly view to notify the user that a certain day has tasks due on it.
* Updated the Allday Event and Anniversary icons.
* Monthly view now shows current date of the day selected in the grid.
* Added a blank space before the text "untill" on the item's detail dialog.
* Fixed icons having a white background (instead of transparent) when editting an item's details.
* Fixed the "Insert Contact" dialog not showing up correctly.
* Fixed the "My Text" dialog not showing up correctly.
* Fixed the date-picker dialog not showing up correctly (when setting a date for an item).
* Fixed icons not been drawn correctly while viewing an item's details.
* Fixed wrong checkboxes showing up on the category selection and filter screens.
* Fixed an error where hidden categories would still show up (although invisible) on the filter screen.
* Papyrus will now not show "Alarm time already happened". In case the alarm has already happened, upon saving the item, the alarm will be removed.
* Icons are now drawn in one line instead of two in the daily view, for all-day and anniversary events.
* Added spanish translation (thanks goes to Perico Perez)
* Updated czech translation.
* Fixed category text not showing up correctly in the Category Settings dialog.
* Fixed checkboxes and visibility icons not being drawn correctly in various categories screens.
* The monthly view now draws the icons/timelines at the bottom of the cell in the monthly view, and not in the middle, when the quicklist is disabled.
* One lined events (like allday and anniversary events) are now drawn correctly on the daily view.
* Checkboxes on the List view now draw correctly.
* Conflicting icon now drarws correctly on the Quicklist.
* Fixed the way multi-day appointments are drawn. Multiday appointments can now be distinguished from Allday events on all views
* Fixed sync image not showing up correctly when editting an anniversary.
* All graphics in Papyrus are now drawn according the maxium color-depth allowed by the phone model (i.e. upper and lower menus)
* The registration dialog didn't show the IMEI of the phone - this is now fixed.
* The quicklist on the monthly view no longer displays the current selected date. Instead it now also shows the appointment and task counters.
* Priority icons for tasks now drarw up correctly on the weekly view and quicklist.
* The quicklist on the monthly view now changes dynamically according to the number of weeks displayed (five or six weeks).












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