Papyrus 1.1.08

  • 2006/05/17(水) 09:43:08


What's new in Papyrus version 1.1.08?

* Fixed timelines not showing on the last week of the Monthly view, when quicklist was disabled for high-res devices.
* Updated german and czech localization files.
* Fixed conflicting icon not showing up correctly.
* Fixed categories information not being saved when changing visibility of categories.
* Fixed anniversary icon not showing up correctly on the monthly view.
* Removed "Allday Event" and "Anniversary" text from daily view, and replaced them with icons, to preserve space.
* "American Sunday" now also affects the "Grid" view.
* Fixed problem with notes not showing while editting an item even when a note was set.
* Fixed task checkbox that would partially cover the text and leading rectangle in the quiclist and "Grid" view.
* Papyrus now deletes the "PapyrusDblIcnStr" directory if high-res icons were installed on a low-res device running OS 8 and visa versa.
* Removed option to install "high-res icons". When choosing to install icons on your device, Papyrus will install both sets (high/low res icons) and automatically delete the unnecessary folder when the user sets an icon to a category.








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