Papyrus 1.1.07 リリース

  • 2006/05/01(月) 09:11:42


What's new in Papyrus version 1.1.07?

* Added an option under the Category Settings to set a category as "Special Event". Special events can only be set to categories with color set to them. On the monthly view, if there as an item with a special event category, that day would be colored the same color as the category color.
* Added an option to clear an item's note through the "Edit" sub-menu (currently doesn't work for items with repetition set).
* Fixed timelines not showing on the last week of the Monthly view, when quicklist was disabled.
* Added shortcuts to the daily and list view: 1 - Copy, 4 - Cut, 7 - Paste.
* Fixed "Allday Event" not showing up correctly on the monthly view for low-res screens.
* Text color for tasks, allday events and anniversaries on the quicklist now shows correctly.
* Changed "9" to "*" to scroll upwards in the quicklist on the Monthly view.
* Added an option to discard the icons of Allday events and anniversaries from the Monthly view, under the "Monthly Settings".
* "0" can now be used to toggle the Quicklist on and off on the Monthly view.
* Fixed bug that would crash Papyrus when trying to paste an item on the Daily view.
* Fixed bug that would crash Papyrus on OS 8 /w low-res screen devices, when changing to "Extra Small" font on weekly/monthly views.
* Fixed bug that would crash Papyrus when trying to delete a category on phones running Symbian OS 8.
* Removed conflicting icon for all day events.
* Categories that are set to "hidden" would now not be shown on the Filter screen.
* Added an "American Sunday" option under "Week Start On" option in the "General Settings" dialog. This will color Sunday and Saturday as weekends in the monthly view, while keeping Sunday as the first day of the week.






American Sunday






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